Sunday, 7 December 2014

Investment Amounts 7 December 2014

These are the invested amounts of each investor after today's commission run. Amounts less than 0.0001 CLAM are omitted, but are included in the total:
[5801.10248831,4826.91984600,4524.10820684,3841.66845008,3383.69340766,2406.97710982,2346.10759455,2037.11337385,1947.62418119,540.98274158,510.23542085,475.40951394,428.42641047,343.51737907,334.25322471,281.86218973,230.77782691,213.35550580,159.01957714,158.23088320,149.29312195,149.06428935,137.81814099,133.26740366,120.01990808,83.85889282,81.21448182,79.78267852,77.90477287,65.04313511,64.75479535,52.57217156,48.84896526,45.32792776,42.56828976,39.95791562,32.16831215,30.08594142,23.97025007,18.87669228,18.27497130,9.21053496,9.16053071,7.12535429,5.15331487,4.60532303,4.59955029,4.59952915,4.59413913,3.00253504,1.38139051,1.00036828,0.99898696] (sum = 36341.48994656)


  1. I can not log into my account because I use Google Authenticator 2 -step verification , mobile problematic because yesterday I experienced reinstall and can not enter if not the verification code . What should I do with it , if you can help me provide solutions and how to restore my account to be able to log in again , I really need your help..

  2. Did you try emailing the address at the end of the FAQ tab with enough details to identify which account you are talking about?