Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Incredible Winning and Losing Streaks

We were talking about long losing streaks on the forum when f3tus wrote:

28 losses in a row with 49.5% odds is so rare that I am willing to bet it hasn't occurred a single time in the entire history of satoshidice and other gambling sites.

I replied, offering to take that bet, from him or anyone else.

The bet was taken by a few different people, including by dandiilion who bet around 49 BTC against me.

And then I got scared, and reached out to a few people around the net, trying to get a handle on my chances of winning.

One of them, Frank A. Martin, put together this one-page paper about the bet.  Please take a look:

Just Dice Streak Bet.pdf

I ended up winning the bet, but it turns out it was nowhere near as safe a bet as I originally thought!

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  1. so don't think that a long streak will save you, maybe crossing your fingers, pray, tossing a coin, saying a special word, carrying a lucky charm, can work better for you. until doog proof the contrary.